Summer YUM!!

I know the likelihood of doing this regularly is low, but I want to try to be a better blogger, and I know that I will likely default to more Student Affairs-focused posts without some kind of prompting, so here is another ReverbBroads post, all about one of my favorite topics: FOOD!!

Share a recipe or meal that is a summertime favorite.

As a New Englander born and raised, a clam bake, even if done on a stovetop, is absolutely a summertime fave; the heaping mounds of steamers, ears or golden corn, with a sweet, succulent lobster on top. man, I could eat that all day and come back for more the next.

Alas,  we can’t eat steamers and lobster every day…my doctor would kick me, then my bank account would kick me.

If I have to make (or force Ellie to make…) a meal during the summer, it’s probably going to be easy and not require a ton of cooking because heat & humidity make me lazy and cranky. One meal that makes me think of summer although I have never personally made it (hoping to remedy this over the summer) is a simple sweet & sour chicken over the grill. We never made this for less than 7 people, and usually had leftovers, so you may want to modify this “recipe”.

Place whatever cut(s) of chicken you like in a disposable baking dish (those flimsy ones they have in the grocery store), cover everything with a jar of Ah So Sauce (the original, don’t muck things up with those fancy flavors) and cover with foil. Cook until the chicken is basically done. Just before the chicken is done, add a jar of maraschino cherries-with the juice-and a can of pineapple chunks-with the juice. Mix everything together, cook until the chicken is done & the fruit is warm. We usually served it over minute rice made on the stove, but you can serve it how you like. This isn’t a particularly summery recipe, but it was only ever cooked on the grill, and only when there were a bunch of us together for a cook-out, so it has a lot of nostalgia for me.


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    • Thanks Amma! I actually have some chicken to defrost, so maybe I can make a follow-up about whether it’s as good as I remember.

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