ScreenCap of a Twitter postWhat in the world is @JoeGinese talking about here? He tweeted a story about how people are critiquingGabby Douglas’ hair for either being “too black” or “not black enough.” Mortified, I replied about my lack of faith in the goodness of people. This was his reply, and it made me think.

Just a few days ago I posted a link to Facebook which claimed that the Aurora Colorado shooting was part of a government conspiracy, making some kind of incredulous comment about the ridiculousness of this, and many other claims regarding this tragedy. I have since taken down my post and could not find article, but just Google it–you’ll be SHOCKED!. Why did I take down my post? It was because of what Joe tweeted.

The bad may only be 10%, but what percentage is sharing that information, if even to poke fun or make disparaging remarks about it? I certainly am, which is why I took down that Facebook post–why am I adding to the doom and gloom that so many people recognize in the world today? Life is not rainbows and puppy dogs, but it also isn’t conspiracy theories and bigotry. maybe there is something to be said about adding only positive energy to the world and getting positive energy back.

Do I think this will be an entirely new way of life for me and I’ll never be negative again? No; it would be inviting failure. I can lessen the amount of negativity I put into the world. It’s already there, why do I need to spread it any further? And maybe,  just MAYBE, I will become a happier person for it.



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  1. So you know, an excerpt of this is going in the Debummerfication presentation- I was trying to find a way to express this thought, and realized I couldn’t do it any better than you have here 🙂 Hope you don’t mind, you are credited accordingly!

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