30 Days are Over

When I made my 30 Days of Grace post a month, I hoped others would participate–one does not create a hashtag without some desire to have their 30 seconds days of fame. I still can’t quite explain what I’ve felt each time I see #30DaysofGrace pop up on my phone notifications; it’s somewhere between elation at having made some small change in the lives of a few people; being humbled that some people thought my idea was worth pursuing; and a dose of “maybe, just maybe I’m no longer that girl from elementary & middle school who had to leave her school district in order to actually have a life worth living.”

It’s been half a month since my first post, and I do feel better. I know I have not posted every day, but I have found some small piece of grace most days, and have been very attentive to what I am spreading through my social media circles. News still upsets me, and I’m never not going stop being snarky when I’m irritated, but I have reduced the amount that I put out there, and when I do, I’m trying to comment in a way that that is constructive, or will hopefully make others think about it.

I don’t want this to go away. Maybe a new hashtag needs to be created; so people don’t feel the pressure of a month-long prompt (I can’t say I recall seeing anyone actually doing a 30-day meme every.single.day), and because Grace shouldn’t be forced, it should flow naturally from oneself, and be recognized organically, not sought out in every thing one sees/hears/does.

I have a feeling this won’t die. Others have definitely taken up the idea, and some want to do something more. I have to admit that I’m not typically much of a do-er; I am easily scared off by attention, and let others run the show–I prefer being a worker-bee, ensuring the hive runs smoothly and not being seen. But maybe that can change?