Changing My Life

Reverb Broads Prompts Part 2 are up. Maybe I’ll actually stay well enough this week to do more than one?

 If you had a magic wand and could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be and why?

Image from Azure Green

Image from Azure Green

Oh, there are so many things that I would love to change about my life!! From silly things like my hair and skin to the outrageous things like my brother and mom still being alive (not zombies, actually alive!). But they are unrealistic, and either petty or selfish. The things that happen to us form who we are. If my brother had not passed away 5 years ago (wow, has it really been that long??), the things I did leading up to meeting my wife 3 months later might not have occurred, and I may not be with her now–and  I’m pretty sure some of those things needed to happen.

There IS one thing I would change however. My student loan debt. My wife and I both have Master’s degrees and we are paying WAY too much money for our educations. She’s lucky in that she is only paying for her MSW; I’m paying for both a BA and an MA. If even one of us no longer owed that money, our lives would be significantly different; we’d be able to pay off our credit cards or our cars, or buy a house, or even all three–imagine THAT possibility!!

And tuition is only going up–back in 1998, I specifically only looked at state colleges (now universities here in MA) because I knew that I was footing the bill alone and I could not afford the cost of private institutions. It’s telling when I graduated a year behind my friends, incurring another year of tuition, fees, room, and board and owed half of what some of my friends did (including the one who had room & board paid for a year as an RA!). I just looked up what it would cost me now, and I am actually surprised–it hasn’t even doubled. That school my RA friend went to? Tuition alone is 1.75 times as much as the whole package at my Alma mater.

Maybe I can use that magic wand to fix the cost of education…