Being Here

I had a slightly difficult night last night. It was inevitable really–the semester started Wednesday, it’s January (ie: winter, ie: SAD), travel and holidays cause stress and I’ve had more of both than I’m used to, and probably myriad other things that I can’t quite put into words.

My wife is a Licensed Certified Social Worker; this is both a good and bad thing as I am sure you can all imagine. I am grateful that she does not therapize (it’s a real word…) me all the time, but I am also grateful that she does when I need it. After our talk, as I lay awake for another semi-sleepless night, I realized that some of the things I am doing in my life are at odds with Here. Now and I need to concentrate on focusing (see how I did that; bring in my 2012 word? genius I tell you!) my life better. Maybe I can use this to build better Twitter relationships by reaching out to individuals rather than just getting lost in the sea of conversation.

NO Twitter I won’t go into all the gory/boring/selfish details, but I came up with an idea for working on Here: I’m disabling TweetDeck on my phone indefinitely. It’s distracting when I am home or out with friends, and I honestly don’t use it as much or as well from my phone as I do with the Chrome App. I’m not getting rid of it, but I’m turning of updates for the main column and extending the update time for mentions and direct messages. If I’m not fearful of missing something potentially “important,” I can pay more attention to what is happening around me. There are other ways of being Here that I am hoping to add into my life, but this is a quick and relatively painless way to do it.


If you’re curious about the Now portion of OneWord365, I’m thinking about that too; it’s very tied into Here, but it’s still on the intangible side and I have trouble putting it into words.

How are you putting your OneWord into action?