Bright Sunshiny Day

Valentine TreatsThis past summer, some colleagues and I formed the Sunshine Committee in response to a felt need for a means of building camaraderie among staff/faculty, administration/support staff, departments, etc. We got full buy-in from our Dean and were even granted a small budget to host events.

We’ve done a lot, from bi-monthly birthday celebrations to lunchtime yoga to (this week) free Valentine treats. We placed a couple of blank valentines in every staff/faculty mailbox and made more available in the mail-room; all anyone had to do was pick a recipient, choose a treat (chocolate, granola bar or clementine), and write a little message. I wasn’t sure how well this would be received–Valentines, work, you know.

The response was amazing!! The committee decided that everyone would get a treat. We had to write VERY few from the committee, which makes me so happy; not only because it shows a level of friendship among the staff/faculty, but also because it shows people enjoyed it. Boy did they enjoy it, we had over 100 valentines written, with many people receiving multiple treats/messages.

All day today the various members of the committee have heard positive feedback. Yes, it was our idea, and we facilitated the activity, but it was really the members of our community who really deserve the praise; they are the ones who took the time to write the notes and spread a little bit of cheer and appreciation.

Sometimes it really is the small things