A Prayer for Boston

Earlier this week, someone from my religious community posted a prayer on her blog in response to the Marathon Bombings at Baring the Aegis: Prayer for Boston. Elani lives in the Netherlands, which shows just how far-reaching this is. A part of me still has difficulty believing this is real–Boston is known for cursed baseball teams and being the starting point of a war that happened over 200 years ago.

I shared her post on G+, and my Catholic  Brother-in-Law expressed that it gave him comfort, which I greatly appreciate. I replied, “One thing about my religion that comforts me in times like this (and many won’t understand this) is that the Gods aren’t omnipotent or omniscient (or at least don’t act on that if they are)–they work within the world, not separate from it. Thus, there’s little reason to question “Why did God let this happen?” The Gods didn’t LET this happen, it just did. Now I can turn to Them for comfort and peace rather than being conflicted as many are in times like this.” It’s important to me to have faith in something, to know in my heart that there is more out there connecting all of us in Good–as a Neo-Platonist, I do believe that The Good is the ultimate object of the human soul, whether you consider it the end of the reincarnation cycle, Heaven, the Halls of the Dead, or simply the end of your existence.

“May Hermes Psychopompos carry the souls of the dead safely cross the river Styx.
May Hades accept them favorably, and may the judges judge them fairly.
May Asklēpiós tend to the wounds of the injured
May Ares instill in them the passion of life, and the strength of a thousand warriors.
May Hypnos sooth their weary minds, and cloud them in sleep
May Dionysos calm their terror.
May They offer the same to emergency personnel and passers-by who were witnesses.
May Dikē who weeps at the injustice done upon all touched by this tragedy, clutch the strong thigh of Zeus the All-wise, and beg of Him the severest of punishment.
May All-Mighty Zeus send winged Nemesis to administer swift judgement.
May Her judgement take from the guilty parties an equal or greater price than their victims have had to pay.
May Hēlios the All-seeing whisper truths to law enforcement, and guide the investigation swiftly towards those who conceived and executed this terrible crime.
May Athena led Her aid to them.
May Zeus the All-mighty bless those who ran not from the area, but towards it, in an attempt to offer aid to those wounded or dead.
May he look favorably upon those who ran away as well, as the will to live is at the core of every mortal’s life.
To all Theoi: a last plea. To protect those whom the media will persecute, but are innocent of the crime.
To protect the innocent scapegoat from the actions of a species in the grips of fear and revenge.

*Bold highlight above is mine.*


4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Boston

  1. I’ll freely admit that your reasoning is one of the main reasons my faith in the Theoi is never questioned because of terrible, terrible, events like this. We have our own will to act and sometimes–inspired by the Gods–we may be motivated to do something. I read so many blog posts from believers in whatever pantheon who lament they had friends, family members, a spouse or children, who were supposed to be smack in the middle of the bomd site, who just a few minutes prior were called away, got bored, got hungry, or were in some other way inspired to leave. I choose to see that hand of the Gods in this, just as I choose to see the will of Zeus and Nemesis’ swift judgement in the death and soon-to-be arrest/death of the two boys (Gods… they’re only boys…) who planted the bombs. I may be far away, but I stand with Boston. May something like this never happen again. Please.

    • I agree, there were Higher Powers involved with those called away from the scene, just as They were involved with keeping safe & strong the Medics who were only expecting dehydration and fatigue, and inspired the other first responders (professional and civilian) who ran toward the disaster.

      Thank you for your support and prayers.

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