I am my Label(s)

And, I’m not my labels.

Recently, I began a Supervisory Leadership program which uses the DiSC personality assessment. I tested as pretty solid Conscientious  which shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the tool or who reads the description. Now, please know that this was geared specifically toward my work life–I wouldn’t be surprised if I tested slightly toward Steadiness (possibly a CS) if I took the test in a more all-encompassing manner. As we discussed our DiSC Personality, I found that I was also thinking about My MBTI, Multiple Intelligence, and True Color (see the bottom of the post for graphics of each). Looking at all of this together, one can get a fairly solid idea of how I should act in many situations, the kind of work I do, and the types of relationships I have.

Labels are a difficult concept to me. A lot of people hate personality assessments because they don’t tell a complete story, that labels are only a small part of who a person is. I absolutely agree, but only to a point. As I told Amma when I answered her call for stories from Introverts, I’m also shy–painfully so–and have anxiety/depression, which makes my exponentially more than most other I’s I know. A single label of Introvert isn’t enough for someone to really understand me

I think there is just as much danger in over-labeling as there is in not understanding the labels we hold. Once, at a high school/college LGBT conference, I attended a popular session on Labels, Identity & the Kinsey scale.  The facilitator asked for our sexuality/gender identity labels as part of the intro piece. Some of the participants had labels that were 10 or more words long. I’ve since grown to understand just how fluid sex/sexuality/gender (like many things in our lives) is, but still feel some of these young people (most of us were between 16 and 20) had labeled themselves into the tiniest box ever.

I’m relatively comfortable with who I am, which comes from trying to 1) understand the various labels I identify with & 2)understand what each means to both me and those around me. When I say that I identify as a feminine woman, I mean that I am relatively comfortable with my female body, and wear feminine clothing. I rarely however wear skirts or dresses, and will only put on makeup if I’m going to a wedding or such. To some people however, I am “not very feminine” due to my aversion to dressing up and being able to count my shoes on my own two hands. I know this, and [mostly] embrace who I am because I combine all of the various “me’s” into a single person. My labels do identify me, but only because I let them work together to create a whole, unrestricted picture.

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True Color’s Test – What is your TRUE personality?

People who are GOLD as their primary color like to fit in or belong. They tend to be reliable people who enjoy serving others. Things that are very important to them are tradition, home and family. They need order and structure, and are loyal and generous by nature. They are comfortable with rules and routine, and require punctuality and organization. They don’t like waste or change. They tend to plan ahead.

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