Organize for Your Interview NOW

This afternoon, I posted a tweet which received a few “likes.”


That tweet was in response to the third email of the day, 5th total in 2 days, a drop-in and a phone call from a student trying to figure out her graduation from August. The moment I hit “send,” I realized that THIS was the exact situation interviewers are looking for when they ask that question.

I don’t know about you, but when that question comes up in an interview, I panic because I tend to move beyond those difficult moments–they are just part of the job, and once passed, I stop worrying. Thus, I forget part of all of the details and have to scramble for an answer.

Maybe I’m just behind in the game, though, and this is news only to me.

What are your tips for organizing now for an interview process which may not present itself for some time?


3 thoughts on “Organize for Your Interview NOW

  1. I use a monthly reminder to update resume, LinkedIn, etc as well as to add a list of accomplishments and projects…but adding “setbacks” might be a good idea too! Thanks!

    • I like the idea od setting a monthly reminder to do this! I try to stay on top of resume & LInkedIn, but not accomplishments, and it’s definitely not done regularly. Thanks!

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