Challenge Accepted (and Completed)

For the first time, I completed the Good Reads Challenge. Sure, 2016 was only the 2nd year I participated, and I only missed my goal by one book in 2015, but it is still my first win.

I honestly attribute this to two things:

  1. Audio books for my long commute
  2. Signum University

2016 Good Reads Challenge Books

About half of these books were read when I audited Modern Fantasy II at Signum or as part of the Mythgard Academy Seminars, which are free scholarly discussions of popular fantasy and science fiction works.

My biggest problem with reading all these books? I want to read MORE books and have challenged myself to read 30 in 2017. With the baby arriving at the end of February however, I’m not sure how I’ll do unless I add all the baby books. Time will tell, however.


2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted (and Completed)

  1. first off–that’s awesome!

    and of course, audiobooks are a godsend! I would imagine with the baby, you could have one earbud in listening while doing various care and attention to the lil one. They also have wireless headphones now so you could have an earbud in one ear and be wireless free so you’re still have to hold and interact with the baby 🙂

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