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2016 was not my favorite year, but it won’t go down as one of the worst (I’m still pretty angry at 2006, and I’m a terrible grudge-holder).

This year, my wife got pregnant—by design, no surprises here folks! In January, we realized it was now or never to start trying to get her pregnant. We had researched sperm banks fertility clinics and the home insemination process for a while, but “now was happening NOW” and we had to go back to our online dating days (we met online) to find the perfect father for our theoretical bundle of joy. Then were the trials and tribulations of two women getting one preggers (look it up if you can’t figure it out).

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Bright Sunshiny Day

Valentine TreatsThis past summer, some colleagues and I formed the Sunshine Committee in response to a felt need for a means of building camaraderie among staff/faculty, administration/support staff, departments, etc. We got full buy-in from our Dean and were even granted a small budget to host events.

We’ve done a lot, from bi-monthly birthday celebrations to lunchtime yoga to (this week) free Valentine treats. We placed a couple of blank valentines in every staff/faculty mailbox and made more available in the mail-room; all anyone had to do was pick a recipient, choose a treat (chocolate, granola bar or clementine), and write a little message. I wasn’t sure how well this would be received–Valentines, work, you know.

The response was amazing!! The committee decided that everyone would get a treat. We had to write VERY few from the committee, which makes me so happy; not only because it shows a level of friendship among the staff/faculty, but also because it shows people enjoyed it. Boy did they enjoy it, we had over 100 valentines written, with many people receiving multiple treats/messages.

All day today the various members of the committee have heard positive feedback. Yes, it was our idea, and we facilitated the activity, but it was really the members of our community who really deserve the praise; they are the ones who took the time to write the notes and spread a little bit of cheer and appreciation.

Sometimes it really is the small things

30 Days are Over

When I made my 30 Days of Grace post a month, I hoped others would participate–one does not create a hashtag without some desire to have their 30 seconds days of fame. I still can’t quite explain what I’ve felt each time I see #30DaysofGrace pop up on my phone notifications; it’s somewhere between elation at having made some small change in the lives of a few people; being humbled that some people thought my idea was worth pursuing; and a dose of “maybe, just maybe I’m no longer that girl from elementary & middle school who had to leave her school district in order to actually have a life worth living.”

It’s been half a month since my first post, and I do feel better. I know I have not posted every day, but I have found some small piece of grace most days, and have been very attentive to what I am spreading through my social media circles. News still upsets me, and I’m never not going stop being snarky when I’m irritated, but I have reduced the amount that I put out there, and when I do, I’m trying to comment in a way that that is constructive, or will hopefully make others think about it.

I don’t want this to go away. Maybe a new hashtag needs to be created; so people don’t feel the pressure of a month-long prompt (I can’t say I recall seeing anyone actually doing a 30-day meme every.single.day), and because Grace shouldn’t be forced, it should flow naturally from oneself, and be recognized organically, not sought out in every thing one sees/hears/does.

I have a feeling this won’t die. Others have definitely taken up the idea, and some want to do something more. I have to admit that I’m not typically much of a do-er; I am easily scared off by attention, and let others run the show–I prefer being a worker-bee, ensuring the hive runs smoothly and not being seen. But maybe that can change?

30 Days of Grace

Thanks to conversation prompted by my last post, I’m starting a new project, which is actually really goo in the last couple months leading up to my wedding (both to relieve stress and put me in a better mood).

In response to conversation @JoeGinese, myself & others were having about grace, @clconzen posted this little gem:

ScreenCap of a Tweet by clconzen


So I did…kind of. I’m going to try to post one positive thing every day on various forms of Social Media just to add some more positive things into my life and the lives of others. This is on top of my endeavor to not continue the spread negativity through social media–we can get enough of that on our own.  I would love it if others did this as well, but this is for me. If you are joining the “project,” let me know how it goes!